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We use CO₂ and renewable energy to make fuels, chemicals and plastics

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Carbon-neutral fuel

OXEFUEL is our Carbon-Neutral fuel made directly from electrified CO₂. A new world of fuels without fossil carbon and cleaner because of it.

One-step process

OXCCU have developed and patented a simple one-step process to produce e-hydrocarbons.

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OXEFUEL reinvents the Fuel Economy

Comparing fuel economies

The advantages of the OXCCU process

low energy
Fossil-free production
high selectivity
Highly selective
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Adaptability to varied CO₂ sources
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Novel catalyst

We have developed a novel, robust iron-based catalyst and process to directly convert CO₂ and green H₂ from water into fuels and chemicals in one step.

High value products

The OXCCU process has a very low energy input and high selectivity and can be easily programmed to produce:

jet-fuel range hydrocarbons
valuable chemicals
synthetic lubricants

A step-change, simple reactor design

Importantly our process eliminates the need for a Reverse Water Gas Shift or electrochemical syngas step leading to a step-change, simpler reactor design with higher efficiency and reduced balance of plant.

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OXCCU is currently scaling up catalyst production and developing its own modular, industrial reactor suitable for any emission sources

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Biodegradable plastic

Truly biodegradable, multi-purpose, plastic made from CO₂ and hydrogen. Our solution to the plastic waste crisis.

Made from waste CO₂

Polyglycolic acid (Polyglycolide) (PGA) is a fully biodegradable plastic with distinctive properties, but it is currently made from fossil fuels. OXCCU is working on a novel process to make it from waste CO₂.

PGA carbon balls

The advantages of the PGA technology

fossil free
Fossil-free production
circular process
Circular process
no waste
No plastic waste pollution
No microplastic
No microplastic accumulation
No special recycling
No special recycling or composting required
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Biocompatible & biodegradable

PGA is uniquely biocompatible and biodegradable at end-of-life in any environment including marine environments (sea water) in a matter of months.

It degrades naturally and fully to only water and CO₂ with no methane emissions.

Unique mix of properties

PGA has very good barrier properties to O₂, H₂O, and other organic vapours, exceptional tensile and flexural strength and a high heat deflection temperature.

plastic PGA granules

PGA Technology applications

Applications include:
speciality engineering plastic
high-tech fibres and coatings
3D printing filaments
biomedical plastics
agricultural plastics
silage and mulching
food packaging
plastic bags

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