Committed to creating solutions to the climate crisis

Developing technologies which leave the world in a better place.

At OXCCU we have built a team who are motivated to address the climate crisis

This shared mission unifies the team, extending beyond work and creating a cohesive company identity.

A wide shot of the OXCCU team in an aircraft hanger with an aircraft in the background

Our Leadership Team

Discover the expertise and passion driving us towards our goals

Board members

Our values

Safety as the first priority in everything we do

Teamwork, kindness and respect for each other’s capabilities

A belief in hard work, innovation and thinking big, whilst always remaining humble

Passion for making an impact in the fight against climate change, developing technologies which leave the world in a better place

Our Journey: 
Milestones, Achievements and Future Plans


Catalyst R&D
Early research starts


EPSRC research funding


Catalyst IP filed
Patent filed and paper published


£2m Spin out & Seed


Shape Catalyst
3,000 hours stability test in shaped form


£18m Series A


Demo plant


FOAK plant


Commercial plant


Technology package licensed globally

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"Every year the demand for sustainable fuels and chemicals grows. At OXCCU we’re attracting the world’s leading chemists and chemical engineers to help bring our net zero products to the world."

Andrew Symes, CEO

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Our sustainability commitments

We have developed a platform catalytic technology for CO2 to aviation fuel, chemicals or biodegradable plastics. In the next three years, we will focus on aviation fuel production technology and help to decarbonise air transportation, before moving to the other sectors.

OXCCU were awarded a £2.8 million government grant to fast-track decarbonisation of the aviation sector. With this investment we will continue to scale our plants and build our aviation customer base.

Repurposing waste CO2

Produce valuable materials and products

Deliver SAF to decarbonise the aviation industry

A wide shot of the OXCCU team with their arms folded in an aircraft hanger with a small white aircraft in the background

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