Fuels, chemicals and plastics from thin air

We use CO₂ and renewable energy
to make fuels, chemicals and plastics

Our mission is to give future generations the acknowledged benefits of hydrocarbons but without their climate impact.

The Challenge for our Future Energy

The Challenge for our Future Energy

Fossil fuels provided 83% of the world’s primary energy in 2020. All must come from zero-emissions sources in less than 30 years.

Sectors such as power and ground transport that can use renewable energy directly are rapidly shifting.

But the shift in long distance fuels, chemicals and plastics is just beginning…

These sectors cannot use renewable electricity directly


Long-distance fuels

Where energy density requirements are far beyond batteries

Chemical flasks

Petrochemical products

Where carbon forms the backbone of household products

Plastic containers

Biodegradable plastic

Products which enable the continued use of the material

With limited sustainable biomass, the key is using CO₂

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We combine CO₂ with H₂ from water and renewable electricity to make fuels, chemicals and biodegradable plastics

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Welcome to the future of truly circular e-fuels,
e-chemicals and e-plastics where people can fly and use hydrocarbon products without concerns about their impact on climate change.


We share a common vision - delivering a truly Circular Economy for fuels and chemicals.

The company was spun out from the University of Oxford’s Chemistry Department in 2021 and is underpinned by a number of scientific breakthroughs published in top tier scientific journals by Professor Peter Edwards, Dr Tiancun Xiao and Dr Benzhen Yao.

Oxford University chemistry departmentOXCCU X logomark
Tiancun Xiao
"Every year the demand for truly sustainable fuels and chemicals grows. At OXCCU we’re attracting the world’s leading chemists and chemical engineers to help bring our net- zero products to the world."
Dr Tiancun Xiao
Founder & CTO

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